• Creating the Fourth Wave.

  • Developing AR.

  • Made with passion.

  • Built together.

We use Augmented Reality to bring things that are flat to life. Textbooks, card games, maps, and more can be more interactive than ever before. With AR, Fourth Wave is changing the way we interact with the world.

Who We Are

We are building the future

Everyone on our diverse team has a number of unique skills. Through collaboration and ideation we design and develop a variety of products to both meet our customer’s needs and to fulfill our own creative ideas.

At the heart of Fourth Wave Studios is a deep desire to innovate and build beautiful and intuitive creations.

Joseph Schiarizzi


Rowland Zhang


Avi Nerenberg


Abigail DeMasi


Mikey Image






AR Development

Custom products for companies who want to bring Augmented Reality to their space.

Web Design

Beautiful websites sustainably grown on our organic farm.

Map Styles

Handsome cartography freshly baked every morning.

Recent Products

Interactive Heat Map of Meteorite Crashes

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