Bringing educational materials to life with Augmented Reality.

Students learn in 3D — shouldn't we teach with it, too?

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For Students

Education is full of 3D concepts, but our methods for representing them are flat.


Visualize concepts in 3D, right in front of you.


Students are more successful when they conceptualize using AR.

How we help

AR Courses

Proprietary courses in chemistry, history, and other subjects coming soon. Designed around interactive AR, for students who want to get the most out of their education.

Augment Traditional Materials

We help bring traditional educational materials to the next level.


What subjects can I learn with you?

An app for Chemistry is available now, with several more subjects coming in early 2019.

How do I access your AR tools?

We are currently in private beta, but our first products will be available on iOS and Android phones. We are mobile-first because phones are the most accessible AR platform for students worldwide.

Do I need a special textbook, or something?

No. Our AR Courses are stand-alone, although
we also build interactive experiences for existing textbooks and printed materials.

I'm an education company. How can you help me?

Students are better able to visualize concepts with AR. We help established education companies break into the AR space and build unique experiences for their users.

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